no tv or cable

but i was lucky enough to have good friends at MTV that knew my situation and they posted “The Entire Show On Demand”.  From how I saw it, in clips with the same few occasional commercials, it was decent. However, I don’t think I could speak too well about it since I watched it as I wanted (on Demand) not how MTV intended. I will say that these performances were of the most memorable.

I think the announcement on top of the performance has B winning. Which means ya boy Hov already won.

Breezy killed it, showed versatility. ‘Beautiful People’ came to life. Esp with all the acrobatics.

this performance tops my list. even though some dude tried to ‘lil mama’ his way on the stage.  #TheThrone went CRAY!

this recording is extremely bootleg

Adele gave a great show also, but I couldn’t find her performance on Vimeo, and Wordpress is not compatible with Flash (videos from Not to my knowledge at least. Bruno Mars’ tribute to Amy Winehouse was on point and very appropriate. Pitbull and Ne-Yo were mediocre to me. Lil Wayne (after a few minutes of thinking all I came up with) was wack. Lady Gaga was okay for what it was. I didn’t care for the other performers or their performances. Nor did I care about the awards or their recipients.


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