Little Girl Scorned


With the President offering his .02, implying Mr. West was being a jackass, one would think Kanye West peeped through Taylor Swifts hotel room peephole. Interrupting an award show is no longer a looked down upon folkway but an instant taboo.

Although Swift was quoted as saying she wanted to move on from last years incident,<(pretty funny edit of the occurrence) she used her time on the mic this year to sing ‘Innocent’, an obvious nod to Kanye West. Her borrowed look (think Charlize Theron on cover of Playboy), inability to hold a note or maintain pitch, and lack of an enthralling stage presence made for a sad waste of time. The attempt to add substance to her music and singing failed. Whether it’s admitted or not, Swift excelled due to Kanye and her people are trying to prolong that wave as long as possible. ‘Innocent’ was supposed to be Swift taking the high road but left her looking over dramatic, attention craving, and over all out of her element. (WATCH TAYLOR SWIFTS VMA PERFORMANCE)

On the flip; Kanye closed the show like only he could. Introduce by funny man Aziz Ansari, who took a “phone call” from his “Jersey Shore friend Ronnie”, when he mentioned he had not seen the incident at last years VMA’s. On the “call” Ansari seems to be given a run down of what happened then burst into laughter and exclaimed “Well I don’t know what everybody’s so mad about that sounds hilarious!” Wearing an infrared suit and a red pair of Louis Vuitton Don’s, Kanye walks onto a blank stage with two mics and an MPC waiting on a pillar. Once he gets the track going he takes the mic and unveils ‘Runway’. Featuring Clipse rapper Pusha T, the song called for a toast for the douche bags, assholes, and scumbags that will never take work off. The white lighting sequence that was the stage and ballerinas floating about were subtle touches that made Kanye’s performance the masterpiece it was. Peep his performance.


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