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Anthony Stewart, 15, will serve two to six years in a juvenile detention center for a robbery that netted him 7 cents.

two things. first; the youth must soon get a better understanding and appreciation for life. i am a strong believer that it starts with the parents, but at what point do the church leaders, voices of the community, and even entertainers (who the youth often turn to for guidance) decide to assume responsibility.  children need to know that you appreciate things earned more than things taken and; in the long run something that you worked for and acquired on your own will be more lasting and rewarding than something stolen. they must learn to value their life which will in turn force others to see and accept that value. if you appear clueless and careless about your worth and what you can accomplish, others will have no choice but be clueless and careless about you in general. case in point, this story.


second. society, communities of color more specifically, must not continue to idly stand by and allow injustice, sugar coated discrimination, and constant mistreatment. we must ensure that our local government and federal government consist of individuals that will make an attempt to better those that can be, apply equal reward and punishment to civilians, and assume accountability for their actions. the judge in the case has clearly decided that based on another civilians declaration, that this teenager is a criminal that deserves to be hindered and punished for the rest of his life. i am by no means condoning the crimes committed, but it appears that these two were bored and were looking for excitement however it would come. the severity of the punishment does not meet that of the crime. in the video the judge stated that had the teen plead guilty he would have received a lessor sentence, this meant that the judges emotions came into play during sentencing. it’s up to the jury to find the defendant guilt, and after that what the defendant claims is irrelevant.  or so i thought.

from personal experience, watching my younger brother, and cousins deal with criminal issues, i know that law enforcement officials get emotionally attached. they often have a feeling of superiority and if you make an assertion that they feel is less than respectful, ie. this teen not admitting his guilt, they take the authority they have been granted and stretch the limits for miles.

“if Martin Luther was living he wouldn’t let this be”- M. Jackson


human nature.

happy birthday MJ. would be 53 today. Icon gone before his time.

100 million dollar man, again

Vick has inked a deal with the Eagles; a 100 million dollar, nearly $40 gaurenteed, 6 year deal. Thats approximately $16.6 million a year compared to the 13 he was set to get when he signed on with the Falcons in 2006. check out this video from ESPN.

no tv or cable

but i was lucky enough to have good friends at MTV that knew my situation and they posted “The Entire Show On Demand”.  From how I saw it, in clips with the same few occasional commercials, it was decent. However, I don’t think I could speak too well about it since I watched it as I wanted (on Demand) not how MTV intended. I will say that these performances were of the most memorable.

I think the announcement on top of the performance has B winning. Which means ya boy Hov already won.

Breezy killed it, showed versatility. ‘Beautiful People’ came to life. Esp with all the acrobatics.

this performance tops my list. even though some dude tried to ‘lil mama’ his way on the stage.  #TheThrone went CRAY!

this recording is extremely bootleg

Adele gave a great show also, but I couldn’t find her performance on Vimeo, and Wordpress is not compatible with Flash (videos from Not to my knowledge at least. Bruno Mars’ tribute to Amy Winehouse was on point and very appropriate. Pitbull and Ne-Yo were mediocre to me. Lil Wayne (after a few minutes of thinking all I came up with) was wack. Lady Gaga was okay for what it was. I didn’t care for the other performers or their performances. Nor did I care about the awards or their recipients.

havoc or hype

Shoppers stock up on water from rapidly emptying shelves at a grocery store in Far Rockaway in New York, Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Thursday urged New York City residents living in low-lying areas to line up a place to stay on high ground ahead of a possible evacuation this weekend due to Hurricane Irene. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)


A hurricane warning was issued late Friday afternoon for an area that includes New York City and Long Island, among other northeastern locales.

About the same time, Obama declared a state of emergency for New York state due to the storm.

Irene’s current track could make it the most destructive hurricane to strike New York City since 1938.

“The sun is shining, but don’t be misled,” New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg told reporters Friday afternoon. “There is a very dangerous storm heading in our direction. There is no question that we are going to be with wind and high water that is very dangerous.” CNN

Track Irene



will either make you or break you. some take their tribulations in stride and use them as fuel to do great things, others cave in. went a little deeper than expected but this catch was amazing.

gaga visuals

whether you like her music or not (this song im not fond of, others are catchy to say the least) you must admit her videos provide for great entertainment. you don’t want to look away for a fear of missing the next surprise. this new video for “You and I” is no different. if you can bare the song the video is worth watching for the various visual elements. from Jo Calderone to the mermaid. its a lot. get in…